Typical oil sludge is coming from: Sources generally are:

  • Normal Production Operations
  • Tank Bottom Sludge
  • Skimmed Oil
  • Pigging Operation
  • Workover Spills, etc.
% of constituents depends upon Source of Sludge/Slop.


Oily Sludge Major Problems:

  • A Hazardous Waste.
  • Serious threat to ground water.
  • Difficult to separate constituents and meet the targeted KPIs (BS&W).
  • Occupies the Tank Volume and ollutes the clear fluid.

Commercial Loss :

Loss of VALUABLE PRODUCT which can be recovered by our method.

ROBOT named MUSHAQ 2.0


  • LxBxH: 30 x 20 x 8 inches.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack: 15 HP
  • Jetting Pressure: 1 to 50 bar
  • Suction Volume: 5 to 20 cu.m per hour
  • Maximum Range: 100 m.
  • Storage tank Cleaning
  • Hydraulic Driven Robot with Hydraulic Arm attached Submersible Pump
  • 25 mm Solids can be pumped off easily. Mechanical Agitation to mobilise the Sludge in lagoons
  • Ease of Movement inside the lagoon. Contains: Nozzles system, Pumping system - Hydraulic Driven

Lagoon/Pond Cleaning:


Decanter/ Tricanter Centrifuge :

Specially Designed Tricanter for Oily Sludge Processing (At Arham Oil Gas Workshop)

High Speed Separator (Centrifuge) :

Possible Application of Sludge/Waste Oil Processing Project in Your Area:

  • 90-95% of the oil contained in the Sludge can be recovered as crude oil. Reusing this recovered crude oil as a valuable product for further refining process as raw material or as final product
  • Separated solid is only approx. 10 - 20% of the original quantity of sludge as a result of significant reduction in transport, landfill costs
  • Elimination of the environmental hazard


  • We are putting our Thousands of hours of Experience with the Products and Services we are providing to work for your next project.
  • No learning curves. No Compromises.
  • Our team of professionals and engineers with rich experience of operating under the demanding environment is committed to improve the Efficiency and Reliability of the Services which we Provides in Oil and Gas Sector.

Well Maintained

  • Arham Oil Gas operates under challenging conditions and arduous schedules at every step, from exploration and production to transport, storage and processing.
  • To ensure that the industry operates at optimal level with highest efficiency round-the-clock, We provides solutions on every step of the Services we are offering for the entire lifecycle of our Company.

Latest Equipments

  • We are committed to provide our latest technology equipments and services for oil and gas production, refining processes.
  • Some of them are designed and developed by our experts.

Safety Commitment

  • Arham Oil Gas believes and works for safety and health to be values integrated in the routine of its employees. This assumption, stated in the Sustainable Development Charter of the Company, applies to all units where we are, that draw up strategies for the constant risk factors and runs several programs to protect its employees.
  • We provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to our Engineers and Workers where engineering controls alone cannot protect workers from overexposure to chemicals, noise, or other hazards.
  • We train our Engineers and workers to communicate with several Hazards.

Being a Services Provider, It is our responsibility to establish ways to protect workers, including developing and implementing safe practices for:

  • Confined space; excavations
  • Chemical handling; exposure
  • Chemical storage
  • Electrical work
  • Emergency response
  • Equipment/machine hazards
  • Fire protection
  • Hot work, welding, flame cutting operations
  • Personal protective equipment use
  • Power sources (lockout/tagout provisions, safe distance from power lines)
  • Working in the heat, long shifts